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Harman GreenEdge audio systems deliver more with less for 2012 Toyota Prius Family


Internationale Automobil Ausstellung/International Motor Show, FRANKFURT – Energy conscious car buyers seeking the best in premium audio systems will now be able to get more with less, thanks to the latest energy efficient systems from HARMAN.  The 2012 Toyota Prius and Prius + are the first of many models coming to market featuring JBL GreenEdge audio technologies, which feature twice the performance with half the energy consumption.

The JBL GreenEdge audio systems aboard the Toyota Prius vehicles effectively reduce power consumption and heat generation while simultaneously offering superior sound quality.  Advanced components and innovative design means Harman’s GreenEdge audio components weigh less and take up less space in the car, with no compromises to volume or sound authenticity.  

HARMAN is committed to get ahead of today’s technology standards to support the energy-conscious vehicles and their drivers with the maximum possible efficiency when it comes to superior sound. Through the optimum combination of low power, low weight, high-efficiency amplifiers and speakers together with total system tuning HARMAN’s GreenEdge products deliver astounding efficiency gains.

Working closely with Toyota, the GreenEdge optimized JBL audio system in the 2012 Toyota Prius family offers improved overall dynamic performance and higher Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) with considerably lower power consumption – which can translate into enhanced fuel efficiency or extended EV range. GreenEdge technologies are engineered holistically to ensure that the speakers, amplifier, equalization and even component placement work together as a cohesive and efficient system.

The Green Edge optimized JBL audio system for Toyota relies on two key technologies:

·         New high-voltage amplifiers ­­­­-- More efficient power supplies produce higher output while minimizing power consumption and heat generation. Compared with its predecessor, for example, the new Prius‘ amp produces less heat, eliminating the need for a cooling fan.

·         New high-efficiency loudspeakers—Redesigned speakers are optimized for minimal power consumption, maximum acoustic output and minimal weight. For instance, four woofers will work together as a distributed subwoofer architecture for balanced bass performance.

“HARMAN GreenEdge systems meet the demands for automotive grade solutions that are small, cool, and lightweight yet tremendously powerful and efficient,” said Sachin Lawande, Co-President of HARMAN’s Lifestyle and Infotainment Divisions. “Toyota has chosen GreenEdge systems for exactly these reasons for its hybrid vehicles as they help to enhance the infotainment offerings while at the same time further improve their energy efficiency. Those same attributes translate well to the home, where products take up less space and generate less heat while still delivering audiophile-grade sound quality with significantly reduced power consumption.” 

HARMAN GreenEdge technologies will showcased at the IAA/Frankfurt Auto Show, September 15 to 25, 2011. Please visit the HARMAN booth in Hall 8.0, Stand D24 or visit for further information about HARMAN’s advanced automotive audio solutions.

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