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GreenEdge™ by HARMAN -- The Sound of Efficiency

HARMAN has pioneered a new concept in energy-efficient audio and infotainment design called GreenEdge™.  HARMAN GreenEdge systems combine new environmentally friendly design with dramatic energy savings -- all without compromising the premium performance for which HARMAN products are known.

HARMANGreenEdge audio systems utilize innovative amplifier and speaker technologies that deliver substantial increases in component and system efficiency levels. This means the new HARMAN GreenEdge audio system solutions are better quality, more powerful, more compact, less weight and more energy-efficient than conventional systems. GreenEdge systems offer eco-friendly, energy saving solutions that are ready for today's energy-conscious consumers.

 HARMAN products with the GreenEdge designation meet many or all of the following benefits:

• Reduced power consumption with increased audio performance
• Improved acoustic transparency and dynamic response
• Amplifier efficiency up to 90%.
• Higher sound pressure levels(SPL)
• Reduced heat dissipation
• Lower system weight and packaging requirements

GreenEdge in Action

Uncompromised performance is highly valued  by consumers, as is the knowledge that reducing the power requirements in an automobile will help lower energy consumption and carbon emissions. For  the increasing number of hybrid and electric cars on roadways, the energy efficiency of a premium audio system becomes even more important, as the requirements for electrical current have a direct effect on how far a car can drive on a single charge.

To deliver maximum energy efficiency while still producing superior sound quality and high sound pressure output levels, HARMAN GreenEdge automotive solutions are a results of the optimum combination of low power consumption, lower weight, high-efficiency amplifiers, high-efficiency speakers and total system tuning. In particular, HARMAN GreenEdge sound systems rely on the perfect matching of its high efficiency core components – the amplifier and the speakers.

GreenEdge High-Efficiency Amplifiers - efficiency of more than 90% with more compact, lightweight construction

The result of an intensive development collaboration by the acoustic specialists from the HARMAN Professional and Infotainment Divisions, HARMAN GreenEdge DSP amplifiers achieve efficiency of more than 90 percent compared with 35 to 50 percent in the previous models. This efficient use of energy means that almost no waste heat is given off, effectively eliminating the need for classic cooling systems. Instead, lightweight housings replace heavy heat sinks and cooling fans, and a more compact design makes installation easier where there may be limited space in the vehicle body

GreenEdge High-Efficiency Speakers - low power consumption and high sound-pressure levels

The compact high-efficiency transducers make an important contribution to energy savings, requiring far less input power. The high-efficiency speaker designs ensure higher sound pressure levels (SPL) with a dramatic increase in dynamic sound quality. The speakers are tuned for maximum efficiency and perfectly matched to the amplifier output stage. This match enables the speakers to deliver outstanding acoustic transparency and  dynamism. Using innovative, lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber and an array of highly efficient design solutions also ensures optimized low mass products.

GreenEdge systems expertly combine low input power, low weight, high output  transducer efficiency, together with the high efficiency amplifiers and other energy-efficient system components, to contribute to a low-energy requirement. This results in less fuel consumption and reduced pollutant emissions from vehicles.

GreenEdge in Professional Applications

Professional sound systems, such as those used at stadiums and rock concerts, traditionally need tremendous power requirements to amplify the sound to audiences that can number in the hundreds of thousands.  Recently, HARMAN has introduced its Crown XLS Series amplifiers which conform to the goals of the GreenEdge environmental initiative. 

Crown's new advanced circuit components not only use fewer resources in manufacturing, but have also contributed to significant weight reduction in the amplifiers that result in less energy consumption for initial shipping and end-user transportation. The high operating efficiency of the Crown XLS amplifiers also translates into greater efficiency for each watt of output and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.  Typical energy savings netted at a large stadium equipped with Crown XLS amplifers, for example, would be sufficient to light 300 homes for an entire year.

Our JBL brand has also accepted the challenge to meet HARMAN’s GreenEdge promise.  The new JBL PRX600 series of active portable loudspeakers require less wood and less plastic than their predecessors, use less energy to build and will use less fuel (due to the lower weight) to transport than previous models.