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The term sustainability brings many different thoughts to mind.  For some, it equates to sharing the ideas and good fortunes of a successful enterprise so that others may also prosper.  Others think of sustainability as empowering those around us, while providing an environment of ethics and integrity in which to pursue our mutual goals.

These and similar fundamentals add up to my preferred definition of sustainability – an integrated set of actions and measurements that empower a successful business to endure.

Sustainability at HARMAN means thinking toward the future, managing today’s business challenges, and having the right fundamentals in place.  It is the strategy through which we will differentiate HARMAN from its competitors.

Dinesh C. Paliwal - Chairman, President and CEO 





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At HARMAN, we know that building a successful business means being a good steward at our worksites and in our communities. We work hard everyday to build a more sustainable world. A new Business Roundtable report, “Create, Grow, Sustain: How Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good,” details the efforts of nearly 150 companies, including HARMAN, to be responsible members of our local and world communities.


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