HARMAN’s unique ‘Defense in Depth’ approach to cyber security, coupled with a comprehensive 5+1 Cyber Security Framework, are changing the way we keep the connected car protected. Each of these layers serve an important role in meeting the overall security demands while protecting passengers’ safety. 

1.Securing the Hardware Platform - used to provide secure storage for Digital Certificates, Cryptographic keys, User PINS and passwords and any other project specific sensitive data 

 2.OS Access Control – policy driven secure control of access to peripherals, storage and memory 

 3.Hypervisor – isolation between execution domains 

4.Application Sandboxing – resource isolation between applications 

5.Network Protection – secure communications for internal networks and external world
+1 OTA Updateability – a crucial component responsible for installation of security-related updates and patches to guard against zero-day vulnerabilities or any security flaw that is detected in the field. 

 The Network Protection layer is comprised of Intrusion Detection & Prevention Solutions (ID/PS), software which protects vehicles from hackers and intrusions. Developed by TowerSec (a HARMAN company), ECUSHIELD and TCUSHIELD are two embedded software solutions that monitor, detect, actively mitigate and eliminate threats in real time, log data and provide double perimeter protection: 

ECUSHIELD - An Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for in-vehicle networks, ready to embed into ECUs and smart gateways 

TCUSHIELD – A Cyber Attack Detection and Prevention Software, designed to be integrated in telematics control units, IVIs and other devices with embedded connectivity
Both ECUSHIELD and TCUSHIELD have been recognized by the industry as leading automotive cyber security software solutions, with Frost & Sullivan awarding TowerSec with the 2016 North America Automotive Software Cyber Security New Product Innovation Award.

If you’d like to learn more about our automotive cyber security solutions, discuss your current cyber security needs with an expert or see a live demo of HARMAN’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions (ID/PS), please email us: cybersecurity@harman.com