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The Life of an Acoustic Engineer at HARMAN | From Internship to Full-Time Success

As an acoustic engineer at HARMAN, Hope has an exciting job many may not even know exists – not even Hope before she joined the company. Read more about one of the unique careers in HARMAN.
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​​​ ​​From Internship to Innovation

She started as an intern in 2019, and since then, she has been tuning sound systems in luxury vehicles. Like many people who did their internships in HARMAN, she fell in love with the culture and the projects and continued her career here in the world of connectivity and innovation. 


At first glance, the job may seem to be only about listening to music in a car, but it's much more complicated. She and her team must manage all the speakers and encounter various system issues - challenges that are not always easy to overcome. Hope finds herself navigating a dynamic landscape that combines creativity with technical skills, and this balance makes her daily job more exciting.

Among the many highlights of Hope's tenure, one stands out - her business trip for a tuning session, marking the team's first interaction with a client. She remembers how having the customer manager and senior engineer who helped fill in the gaps while she did her magic made the process run smoothly. It was a great teamwork experience for her, underscoring HARMAN's commitment to excellence.​


Cultivating a Vibrant Culture

Hope finds working with her team to be one of the most fulfilling aspects of her job. The lively culture at HARMAN, with its passionate individuals and engaging events, reflects the company's dedication to employee well-being and professional growth. Here, trust and empowerment are the driving forces behind innovation. 

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As a senior acoustic engineer and active HARMAN Black Professionals Network member, Hope exemplifies the company's dedication to fostering an inclusive community. From nurturing interns to empowering professionals, HARMAN champions equity and inclusion, creating an environment where diversity of gender, race, or other background or identity is celebrated.

Hear from her as she shares what it's like to be part of an inclusive community fueled by passion, creativity, and powered by cutting-edge tech solutions.​


​Do you want a job that you love and work with great people in a vibrant culture? We are hiring! Check out our job openings and join the talent community today.​