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A Place Where I Can Grow

“One thing that sets HARMAN apart is its culture of openness and trust.”
​​​Animesh began working for HARMAN India 10 years ago and currently leads India-Japan-China delivery for Automotive Engineering Services. In his decade with the company, he’s gotten to work with some of the most passionate minds while being challenged to step outside of his comfort zone, an experience that keeps him motivated. 
I made new friends from many countries, managed various new projects, built up new teams, and I can proudly claim that I tried a variety of things for the first time while working with HARMAN India Engineering Service with the aid of a motivating leadership group and a loving and encouraging family,.” Animesh shared.  

Animesh is a self-proclaimed, “technophile,” channeling his passion for technology into his career. But at HARMAN, he enjoys embracing his entrepreneurial spirit as well, using his creativity to boost profitability and complete projects on time and within budget. 
I have worked for a few automotive companies in the past, but one thing that sets HARMAN apart is its culture of openness and trust. Freedom to make decisions and to learn from mistakes,” said Animesh. “Even as a junior lead, I was given several opportunities like this that I probably would not have received from another organization.”  
As a leader, Animesh says it’s never simple to live up to expectations – every person and team is different and there are no universal guidelines – but HARMAN’s culture has allowed him to shape is own path as a leader and learn from his missteps along the way. He credits the company’s focus on two key elements with his lasting career: continuous learning and career advancement. 
My managers constantly encouraged me to go the extra mile. I didn't always do it right on the first try, but I did learn. This has given me confidence to grow.” 

Reflecting on his time with HARMAN, Animesh said his best day at work was when he spent a lot of time working on important stability problems, which include lengthy debugging sessions, brainstorming, trading architectural ideas, and delivered the solution before waving goodbye and taking the group out for a late-night tea party.  
As I think about all of these things, I feel energized, and it gives me a reason to smile and put forth my best effort in the days to come.” 
If you found yourself inspired by Animesh's​ story, envision your career with us by checking out our opportunities.