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Art and Engineering Mash-up | Celebrating Individuality at HARMAN

At HARMAN, where innovation and creativity intertwine, you can meet a multi-talented individual like Pawel - an engineer, people leader, and music producer. Learn more about his story, a testament to the company's ethos of embracing individual passions
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​​​​​​​​​A 17-Year Journey of Evolution within HARMAN  

"One of the things I love most about HARMAN is the people. We have a team of incredibly talented and passionate individuals who are always eager to collaborate and help each other out. We're encouraged to think outside the box and push the boundaries,” said Pawel. “HARMAN's flat hierarchy fosters open communication and collaboration across departments. We value diverse perspectives and backgrounds, creating a truly inclusive environment​ where everyone feels respected and heard."    

During his 17-year tenure at HARMAN, Pawel has held various positions. Starting as an Embedded Software Engineer, working on projects for BMW and Audi, he currently manages the Subject Matter Expert and Resource Team in the Connectivity business unit. He prioritizes inclusivity in his leadership style and always encourages his team to innovate.  

Outside of work, this engineering leader is also a self-taught, seasoned music producer who goes by the name Nik Neuberg. Through his music, he brings people together, aims to evoke emotion, and tries to resonate with his listeners. And that is what he did for the diverse HARMAN culture, too.

Harman International 6.jpg  

HARMANizing Technology and Music

Last year, Pawel even created a song for a video highlighting HARMAN’s culture, merging his passions for technology and music. He found the perfect piece from his collection, polished it up, and created a soundtrack that embodies the vibrancy of HARMAN's culture. Check out the video below!​​ 


"What excites me most about this venture with HARMAN is the opportunity to contribute my unique musical perspective to the culture here. It's not just about creating a soundtrack for a video - it's about infusing a piece of my artistic identity into HARMAN's culture. I'm thrilled to be part of a community that values innovation, growth, and the power of music to bring people together." Pawel shared.  

By combining his engineering career with his music profession, ​Pawel is able to improve his performance at HARMAN. His engineering problem-solving skills help him manage music production software and equipment. Music also offers him relaxation, allowing him to recharge and gain a fresh perspective on work.  

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the fusion of art and engineering in action! Check out some of Nik Neuberg's tracks on Soundcloud and Spotify or follow him on Instagram.​​ You'll see how he merges these two worlds to create something unique and inspiring.  ​

Are you seeking a work environment where personal passions become fuel for professional success? Well, HARMAN is hiring! Take a peek at our career openings​.