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CARNIVAL Takes HARMAN India by Storm

HARMAN India Automotive brought the automotive industry together in a spectacular celebration of cultural richness and technological prowess – CARNIVAL.

​​​​​The event, held in Pune and Bangalore, was not just a celebration of automotive technology but a triumphant return to the essence of team spirit and cultural diversity, bringing together more than 2,000 colleagues under one roof.

1. Technology-​driven discussions

The event kicked off with inspiring keynote addresses by Amit Kulkarni in Pune and A​mod Jai Ganesh in Bangalore, setting the tone for a day of insights and collaboration. The following panels saw industry leaders join HARMAN India executives for thought-provoking discussions, like the future of the automotive industry.

Talented colleagues showcased cutting-edge product demos and tech papers, adding an innovative edge to the event.


2. Team-building activities

Engaging quiz contests challenged the minds of automotive enthusiasts, culminating in a thrilling finale during the mega event.

Teams collaborated in painting contests, turning blank canvases into vivid expressions of creativity. This collective artistic endeavor showcased the unity and collaborative spirit at the heart of the HARMAN India culture.

Employees immersed themselves in fun contests showcasing talents beyond the automotive realm. From cooking and cycling contests to fashion shows and live music performances, CARNIVAL offered a vibrant blend of entertainment, reflecting the diverse culture within the teams.


3. Culture sharing

A delectable array of culinary delights reflected the rich cultural tapestry of teams. From regional specialties to global flavors, the food offerings mirrored the diversity that makes HARMAN India a melting pot of cultures.

 HARMAN India's CARNIVAL 2.png

CARNIVAL by HARMAN India Automotive went beyond the traditional confines of an automotive summit. It became a canvas where cultural diversity painted the backdrop for technological innovation. The event's success lies not just in the achievements of automotive excellence but in the fostering of a cultural tapestry that binds the HARMAN India community together. CARNIVAL truly exemplifies the idea that innovation thrives when cultures collide and collaborate.

​​At HARMAN, building a culture that champions team spirit and innovation is something we live by. Inspired by this story? Envision your career with us by checking out our job opportunities