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Engineer by Day, EDM Artist by Night

In the intricate world of technology and innovation, where engineers navigate the complex landscape of software and hardware, some unique individuals seamlessly blend technical acumen with artistic flair.

​​​​​​​​Tessa, a HARMAN Field Application Engineer (FAE), shares her captivating journey that​​​ intertwines the realms of music and automotive technological innovation.

​​​The Roadmap to Professional Success

Tessa's journey began at the University of Michigan, where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Performing Arts Technology with a concentration in Engineering. This diverse academic background laid the foundation for a multidimensional approach to problem-solving.

After graduating, Tessa's passion for sound and technology led her to HARMAN. With a focus on software-only projects, Tessa works in the solution management team, guiding automotive manufacturers in utilizing the software developed by HARMAN. This software plays a crucial role in building, organizing, tuning, and analyzing complex audio signal flows that are later integrated into the vehicle's audio system.

Tessa is also occasionally involved in Engine Sound Synthesis projects and addressing the software capabilities in sound design for electric vehicles.

Surrounded by colleagues who share a passion for music and technology, the office transcends the traditional notion of a workplace.

"I appreciate a wor​​kplace that is full of musicians like me! As a social environment, it feels like I am surrounded by like-minded people," said Tessa. “The office environment feels less like a workplace and more like a collaborative space where can I accomplish great things with a supportive team."

For Tessa, it is not only a collaborative space where creativity is encouraged but also celebrated.

The Evolution of a Musician: A Symphony of Creativity

Beyond the corporate realm, Tessa is a skillful musician, performing under the artist name AUDIA. She has been crafting music since a young age, having often participated in extracurriculars such as the choir.

Careers blog image4.png

What sparked Tessa's passion for music? A childhood filled with movie magic and an intrinsic fascination about the ability of music to enhance storytelling and create a link between all the elements of moviemaking.​​​​

In high school, the installation of her first Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) marked a pivotal moment. Experimenting with various styles, from synthpop to singer-songwriter pieces, and even orchestral compositions infused with electronic elements, Tessa eventually found her niche in the world of electronic music known as "bass music." This genre, including sub-genres like dubstep, bass house, and midtempo bass, allowed Tessa to work with the storytelling aspect of orchestral arrangements including her vocals, and infuse them musically with the infinite and diverse possibilities of working with sound design.​

In 2023, Tessa performed at Movement Music Festival in Detroit and shared in an interview what it meant for her to make an appearance at a major festival. ​

Perf​​​ormin​g​ for Colleagues

A unique aspect of Tessa's journey at HARMAN is the opportunity to showcase her musical prowess within the corporate setting. Participating in various HARMAN events, Tessa has performed live for colleagues – a rare and enriching experience in a professional environment.

“I really enjoy performing for my colleagues and having the opportunity to share my art and my music with the people I work with. It is rare to find a company like HARMAN that embraces its employees' whole skillset and passion with this type of opportunity," Tessa shared.IMG_1834.JPG

This fusion of work and art is indicative of HARMAN's distinctive culture, one that actively encourages employees to bring their whole selves to the workplace. It's a culture where individual talents are celebrated, and the diverse skills of each team member contribute to the vibrant tapestry of innovation.

Check out Tessa's music under the artist name AUDIA available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.

Tessa's story as an FAE at HARMAN is a testament to the transformative power of aligning one's professional journey with their passions. It exemplifies the potential for innovation when creativity is not only embraced but integrated into the very fabric of the workplace. As the symphony of her career continues to unfold, it resonates with a harmonious blend of technology, artistry, and the collaborative spirit that defines HARMAN's unique cultural landscape.

If you are looking for a place where engineering meets vision, innovation, and inspiration, HARMAN will feel like the place where you belong.