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How Employee Resource Groups Fuel Professional Growth at HARMAN

From being network opportunities to helping people grow their skills and discover new ones, employee resource groups not only serve as invaluable assets to HARMAN, but also play a crucial role in the professional development of their members.
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​​​​​At HARMAN, a strong DE&I presence isn’t just a box to check. It’s a belief system that’s embedded in our culture and drives our business. It encourages us to share our ideas and bring our distinct perspectives to the table. As a global company, our workforce reflects the diversity of the world in which we operate.

Supported by our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), we actively build and sustain a culture that empowers our employees to bring their full selves to work, and allows us to thrive in an engaging, inspiring environment.

Read on to learn a bit more about ERGs at HARMAN and how they support the career development of their members.

What are Employee Resource Groups?

At HARMAN, our ERGs are voluntary, employee-led organizations that bring together individuals who share common characteristics, interests, or life experiences. These groups span a wide range of identities, including ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and veteran status. They serve as inclusive spaces where employees can find support, camaraderie, and opportunities for personal and professional development. 

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At HARMAN, they also act as important advisors. Our ERGs serve as invaluable resources for understanding and addressing the needs of our diverse workforce. They provide insights into diversity-related issues, help shape our policies and practices, and promote cultural competence among our employees. Ultimately, our ERGs play a crucial role in driving positive change within our organization and beyond.

While there are also regional ERGs, we currently have three global ERGs at HARMAN:

  • ​​​HAR​MAN Women’s Network which is guided by its mission to create a culture of inclusion and belonging that empowers women to succeed in their careers.
  • HARMAN Black Professionals Network which strives to nurture an environment that elevates the contributions and achievements of Black employees.
  • ​HARMAN Pride which works to create and maintain a safe, inclusive and equitable environment for all HARMAN employees, ensuring that no one feels excluded on the basis of their gender identity or sexual orientation and has the same development opportunities.​

Powerful Catalysts for Growth

For our employees, ERGs offer invaluable benefits. They provide a sense of belonging and solidarity within our diverse workforce, fostering connections and friendships that extend beyond departmental boundaries. Our ERGs also offer mentorship opportunities, career development resources, and leadership training, empowering employees to reach their full potential.

Building a sense of camaraderie is important, but where our ERGs really shine is the career development impact they have on their members.

ERGs are a catalyst for professional growth and development of their members. Through networking opportunities, skill enhancement programs, mentorship initiatives, and leadership opportunities, ERGs empower our employees to reach their full potential and thrive in their careers. As organizations continue to recognize the value of diversity, equity and inclusion, investing in ERGs is not only beneficial for employees but also essential for driving innovation, engagement, and success in the workplace.

Does this sound like an environment where you can thrive? Check out our open roles​ today!