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Intentional Career Development @HARMAN | Mastering Growth and Openness

Skyler, now a Principal Acoustics Engineer, is the perfect example for understanding how we do intentional career development at HARMAN. Read the full story to learn more! 
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​​​​​​​​A Support-Minded Culture 

For Skyler, the HARMAN journey began right after he graduated college, a time when learning and development are what you know how to do best. Upon joining the company, he immediately felt welcomed and embraced by a community eager to support him but, more importantly, to support his development. This emphasis on the constant effort to foster a sense of belonging is foundational to HARMAN's culture, where we work day by day to create an environment where employees thrive personally and professionally. 

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We know that our employees drive our continued success and future growth. That's why intentional career development is paramount for us, as a strategic approach toward​ deliberately shaping one's career trajectory and aligning individual aspirations with organizational goals. This way, people can steer their professional growth toward desired outcomes by proactively investing in skill enhancement, setting clear career objectives, and seeking out diverse experiences. 

Growing Out of Your Position 

Skyler's career trajectory reflects his innate drive for growth and challenge and shows that those who want to grow and learn will always be supported at HARMAN. Initially part of the production acoustics team, where he honed his skills in tuning car audio systems, Skyler began craving more challenging responsibilities. His desire for variety and innovation led him to transition to another team, where he now delves into cutting-edge technologies and collaborates on concept vehicles that define the future of automotive innovation. "I'm really excited to make this transition, really explore technologies, and have the freedom to find what I'm interested in," he said. ​

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Navigating Transitions with Support 

Transitioning between roles can be daunting, but Skyler found the needed support within HARMAN's ecosystem. His previous manager encouraged his aspirations and actively championed his pursuit of passion and purpose. This culture of mentorship and support underscores HARMAN's dedication to nurturing talent and facilitating career growth.  


"When I was thinking about transitioning, I was a little nervous about talking to my previous boss, but he was actually more supportive than I think anybody else I talked to", Skyler said.  


HARMAN's Commitment to Career Development 

Within his new team, Skyler finds himself in a world of possibilities. His role allows him the freedom to explore emerging technologies and shape the future of automotive experiences. This level of autonomy and empowerment is emblematic of HARMAN's approach to career development, where individuals are encouraged to pursue their passions and carve out unique paths to success. 


Intentional career development fosters a sense of purpose and fulfillment. This is why we made it our mission to constantly create career development initiatives, so our people grow as they want and need. Development Days are one such initiative. HARMAN offers two dedicated days designed to empower our team members to prioritize their personal and professional development. These specially allocated days, when HARMAN employees are encouraged to clear their calendar and have no other distractions than their career development plan, provide invaluable time and space for individuals to acquire new knowledge, hone essential skills, and explore avenues for growth. It also sets the expectation that career development is an important aspect of success and, at HARMAN, you get to own your own career. 

See below, in Skyler's words, how people who want to grow are seen in HARMAN.  



Illustrating the transformative power of intentional career development within a dynamic and forward-thinking organization like HARMAN, Skyler's journey shows our commitment to HARMAN people and their wellbeing. Check out our job openings here and intentionally invest in the professional you will become tomorrow with us.