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​​​​​Nurturing Diversity | Bringing Inclusion to Life at HARMAN

After two historical months, Black History Month and Women's History Month, it is time to talk about DE&I. Meet Alma and LaNeisha, our catalysts for change, who are shaping a culture where every voice is heard and valued.

​Laneisha's Insight: Pioneering Inclusive Innovation  

​LaNeisha,a HARMAN boomerang, left the company to explore other opportunities before returning in the role of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager. She considers joining HARMAN a pivotal career move where she’s able to shape inclusivity that drives business outcomes, allowing her passion and her purpose to complement each other.  Women's History Month holds a deep personal connection for LaNeisha, who hails from a family of strong women, including her trailblazing mother who was one of the first women to become a journeyman toolmaker in the automotive industry. For her, it's not just a celebration of professional achievements but a tribute to the phenomenal women who shaped her life. 

"Our journey toward inclusive innovation is ongoing, but we're guided by a shared vision of a future where diversity is not just embraced but celebrated," LaNeisha affirms. ​


Alma's Perspective: Crafting a Culture of Respect and Appreciation 

Alma,Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, shared about her journey at HARMAN, which started in 2015 and reflected her personal growth. Despite having the option to join her family's company, Alma chose HARMAN, where she started as a receptionist. She met HARMAN at a recruitment event, and the values that attracted her to join the company were excellence and inclusion. For her, the tech industry is more than just a field of innovation; it's an opportunity to work toward a vision of belonging and respect to ensure we make as much progress in inclusion as we do in innovation.​​ ​

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When people ask her what she does as a part of the DE&I team she responds: "I help to create a culture where everybody feels valued and respected. That's my job, along with my amazing team." Alma also emphasizes that "At the end, that responsibility belongs to everybody in the organization. We could not be doing anything alone or by ourselves. We need everybody's support." 

DE&I in Action 

HARMAN's DE&I department plays a pivotal role in shaping the organizational culture. Initially, DE&I efforts were predominantly focused on gender representation, given the industry's historical lack of women in the field. So, the company’s first employee resource group (ERG), HARMAN Women’s Network, was created. "It’s now eleven years strong," LaNeisha mentions. Since the creation of that first ERG, DE&I efforts have expanded to include a broader spectrum of diversity, seeing the launch of the HARMAN Black Professionals Network and HARMAN Pride, addressing the needs of people of color and LGBTQ+ communities. In addition to these employee-led ERGs, the DE&I team works to celebrate and educate around the many dimensions of diversity in the workplace, including neurodiversity, disabilities, generations, allyship and more.  

The DE&I team also partners closely with business leaders to drive internal best practices that will strengthen the inclusive culture we strive for. From inclusive interviewing and leading, to mentorship programs and implicit bias training, there are opportunities for everyone to play their part in putting DE&I into action. ​


DE&I efforts in Harman are not confined to a global perspective but also encompass regional considerations, acknowledging different countries' unique dynamics and challenges. This inclusive approach aims to create a culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered, regardless of background. 

"I believe there's something truly special about peeling back the layers and discovering who someone is outside of their professional role. It's about tapping into their passions, understanding their struggles, and acknowledging their aspirations. By doing so, we can better meet their needs, foster a sense of belonging, and create an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and appreciated," says LaNeisha. ​

Women in Tech: A Continuing Journey of Empowerment 

It's important to recognize the evolving landscape of the technology industry, especially with the advent of artificial intelligence. Alma highlighted the ongoing relevance of discussing women in tech, given persistent challenges like underrepresentation, the gender pay gap, and work-life balance issues. Despite the progress made, there's a continuous need to address these challenges. 

"As the world changes and new generations emerge, we must adapt quickly to the evolving dynamics, particularly with the rise of artificial intelligence,""As the world changes and new generations emerge, we must adapt quickly to the evolving dynamics, particularly with the rise of artificial intelligence, says Alma. 

So, the discussion remains pertinent for the future, because "there is a root problem" as LaNeisha emphasizes. Despite some important progress, the importance of engaging young women to cultivate their interest in STEM fields remains crucial for the future of the field. In Laneisha's opinion, gender equity in tech is not just a matter of fairness but also an essential component of tapping into diversity of thought amongst future HARMAN candidates. 

Building a Brighter Future @HARMAN 

HARMAN's future plans for diversity, equity, and inclusion involve a multifaceted approach that adapts to the evolving landscape. Looking ahead, HARMAN is committed to furthering its efforts in intersectionality, recognizing and addressing the unique experiences and challenges faced by individuals who hold multiple marginalized identities.

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Furthermore, as a global company, we recognize the importance of considering regional dynamics in our DE&I strategy. Each region has its unique cultural, legal, and economic context, which influences diversity and inclusion efforts. This is why we aim to tailor all our initiatives to address each region's specific needs and challenges. By embracing a region-specific approach, HARMAN aims to create an inclusive workplace culture that respects and celebrates the diversity of its global workforce. 

As HARMAN continues to champion diversity and inclusion, Alma and LaNeisha stand at the forefront, driving meaningful change and inspiring a generation of innovators to come. Join us today! Check out our career opportunities here! ​