Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

We are innovators of the groundbreaking Augmented Reality that makes driving safer. We produce Surround View, which monitors blind spots for what drivers might miss — even in the dark. Our HARMAN and Samsung developed Forward-Facing Cameras help drivers stay in their lane while also spotting potential collisions. The HARMAN Compute platform takes cloud-connected analytics and terabytes of information generated by vehicles on the road — and uses machine learning to track the data to enable the connected car.

The collective expertise of HARMAN and Samsung creates a truly unique, all-encompassing industry partner for automakers to bring a new era of connected safety with advanced driver-assistance systems as we blaze the trail of automated driving.

Key Highlights:
  • HARMAN's experience with connected car technologies, such as over-the-air updates, cloud service and data collection combined with Samsung’s extensive sensor, camera and consumer experience offers a truly holistic ADAS experience.
  • Automakers can maximize data utilization from production vehicles for enchanced learning beyond start of production. Collection data over billions of miles driven in the field is available at a small fraction of the cost of data colleted during development.
  • For increased protection, HARMAN's Service Delivery Platform is utilized to store historical road information to warn drivers on varying road conditions.