Today's driving environments can be stressful and distracting. Understanding the activity and environment around your vehicle is critical. For this reason, HARMAN is developing innovative connected safety systems to assist the driver in keeping an eye on the big picture at all times.

 Beyond just active safety warnings, HARMAN is focusing many of its efforts on integrating various forms of camera-vision based solutions to protect the driver and any passengers in the vehicle, as well as the potential pedestrians and drivers around the vehicle. As a result, Harman has integrated lane departure, pedestrian detection, camera based navigation, rear view and 360 surround view solutions as part of its Connected Car suite of solutions.

For increased protection, Harman has taken a giant leap forward where cloud-based services (Service Delivery Platform) is combined to store personal historical road information to warn the driver of inclement weather and or varying road conditions based on time of day as experienced from other drivers. We like to call it "intelligence from above".