A Focus on Growing Female Talent

Women remain under-represented in the technology industry, despite evidence that companies with more women have better business outcomes. At HARMAN, we are focused on closing this gap.

Talent spotlight

At HARMAN, our women are c-level executives, breakthrough engineers, musicians, volunteers , leaders and more. Read more about how we provide opportunities that enable our talent to drive their careers forward at HARMAN.

Sandy Rowland, EVP & CFO of HARMAN

Finance veteran Sandy Rowland joined HARMAN as Head of Investor Relations in 2012. Within a year, she was promoted to oversee mergers and acquisitions. It happened again a year later when she was promoted to CFO. One tip Sandy shares with new comers is to strike up informal discussions in the hallways; its a quick way to learn about what's happening at all levels of a company. This practice was key to her success at HARMAN.

Katrin Schneider, VP of Engineering Quality & Operations

Katrin joined HARMAN in 2010 as a co-program manager within Connected Car. Today, she is the VP of Engineering Quality and Operations, overseeing the project execution of Connected Car teams globally. Katrin is both a HARMAN mentor and mentee. She sponsors a Connected Car rotational program to help fuel our talent, serves as a Chapter Leader of the HARMAN Women's Network and participates in Hungry Tigers, our development program for high-impact, fast-track individuals.

Sandra Martinez, VP of Global Talent Management

Sandra is a boomerang, someone who left HARMAN for another opportunity but then returned. She originally joined as the Director of Talent Management and rejoined as the VP of Global Talent Management, Diversity and Corporate HR. When asked what drew her back to HARMAN, she said it was leadership's genuine interest in attracting and growing our diverse talent.

providing a connected network

The HARMAN Women's Network(HWN) is a voluntary Business Resource Group open to all employees and has 28 chapter in 14 countries. HWN is focused on developing our pipeline of female talent, enhancing our culture and growing female talent. HWN executes programs, activities and unique solutions that support our objectives.

Glimpse into HWN