Investing in Developing Our Employees

HARMAN University is our educational structure for learning and development, which helps employees at all levels gain valuable skills to advance their careers. The University offers a robust curriculum with online and location-based learning opportunities and is home to four academies spotlighted below. Through the University, you will always be learning and growing at HARMAN.


Know the business. With courses to support onboarding, business education and product training, the Academy helps accelerate your knowledge of the company.


Lead yourself and others. Through the Academy, you will learn skills to lead your teams with purpose and improve your personal effectiveness.


Develop technical excellence. The Academy provides engineers continuous technical development opportunities aimed at further developing your knowledge and advancing HARMAN’s leading technology position.


Master your role. Through this Academy, you will improve your organizational effectiveness and skills to meet or exceed your functional responsibilities. We have dedicated curricula for Finance, Sales, Human Resources, and Quality Professionals.