Building the case for

Connected Car

Consumer demand for in-vehicle technology[IVT] is accelerating - putting tech-centric automakers in the fast lane.

Safer driving

With a wink of an eye

The rise of self-driving cars is projected to reduce traffic fatalities by 90%. But until that day arrives,smart saftey features are becoming the new norm in the automotive world. 

Welcome to a

Whole new Ride

With autonomy and connectivity on the rise,driving will never be the same.

Here's how in-vehicle technology helps boost productivity and entertainment - without risking saftey.

The Global Race to Autonomy

Which Country will pull into the Lead?

Removing the Roadblocks to

Driverless Cars

Get a grasp on consumers hesitation around driverless cars.

The Keys to

Connected Car Security

Modern, high-tech cars can be a magnet for hackers. Cybersecurity solutions keep connected cars safe.

The Self-Driving Car Race

Who Will Win?

Who Consumers trust to deliver driverless cars