Today's generation of onboard navigation systems are based on proprietary map databases that are difficult or impossible to update. At the same time, drivers find the navigation system user interfaces cumbersome and disconnected from today's smart devices. And usually, while current systems are "location aware" they aren't context aware.

HARMAN understands the importance of connectivity between cars, drivers and their surroundings and is driving the future of embedded navigation solutions to become more intuitive, connected, and reliable.HARMAN's next-generation of navigation solutions ensure that the constantly changing world around us is reflected in a dynamic and intuitive in-car navigation environment.

HARMAN's navigation solutions offer a premium navigation experience ensuring they always stay up‐to‐date with flexible and efficient over-the‐air map updates. HARMAN solutions are based on the Navigation Data Standard, thereby accommodating an easier approach to incrementally updating map information. Combined with high‐definition maps providing "lane‐level" location accuracy, HARMAN fuses in‐car sensors and networks with navigation data that elevates navigation beyond simple route guidance to new levels of safety, efficiency, and driver assistance.

Learning Navigation

HARMAN's intelligent navigation solutions support an on‐board "inference agent" that learns driver behaviors and preferences. Using a variety of data inputs from HARMAN's "floating" car data framework, the navigation system collects and aggregates camera, sensor, and on‐board diagnostics (OBD) data and integrates it with both on- and off‐board systems. The system can then be used to offer a number of advanced navigation features, including the ability to predict the driver's destination, and make suggestions for best time and routes for travel. It can also recommend points‐of‐interest and preferred brands based on prior selections. And in a fully connected car environment, learn from other car driver behaviors and preferences for a community experience.