HARMAN is the market leader in connected car solutions to the world’s automakers.

Connected Safety

HARMAN is developing a complete range of connected safety offerings that help drivers keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

We begin by keeping drivers intimately aware of their surroundings with rear-view and wide-angle camera applications. Virtual reality modeling is then blended with the camera images, to create a full surround view of the vehicle from any angle for safer driving and parking efficiency.

Automated Driving

Together, we are focused on finding and developing new products and technologies that bring a safer, more connected, and superior experience to automakers.  We are working with key global partners and leveraging Samsung’s $300 million Automotive Innovation Fund across a wide range of technology areas.

The first strategic investment of the Samsung Automotive Innovation Fund is in TTTech, a leader in functional safety, deterministic networking, real-time systems, and complex software integration for ADAS and automated driving platforms.

In partnership with automakers, startups, and innovators Samsung and HARMAN are making the driver and passenger experience safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable.



HARMAN is investing in the development of secure connected car systems.

The resulting outcome is the next-generation system architecture that leverages the latest developments in the field of silicon and software to improve the level of system security against cyber threats.

Connected Automotive

Our connectivity technologies contribute more value-add to automakers within the eco-system of features and services through weight efficiency and cost effectiveness. They are carrier-agnostic, work with automaker-preferred mobile network operators.

User Experience Design

Our Intelligent personalization integration lets drivers use their voice to make conference calls, set routes, and accomplish numerous tasks, safely. Our bright, responsive displays leverage Samsung’s deep knowledge of electronics. HARMAN sets the industry standard for integrated, high-contrast ratio QLED Auto and OLED screens.



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HARMAN is leading the industry developing solutions that make accessing content via the cloud easier and safer in the car and that simplify vehicle updates and maintenance.

More than 80 percent of the world's luxury cars are equipped with our premium audio and infotainment systems. Your favorite music, movie or television show was likely recorded or broadcast with our help. We share the stage with talented performing artists from every genre, and we fill the world's premier sporting and entertainment venues with great sound and light.

But HARMAN stands for more than just great sound. We help create great lifestyle experiences for today's connected generation.

Updates and enhancements are automatically downloaded as they become available, and real-time diagnostics alert you when routing services or repairs are indicated.

For more about our automotive cloud offerings, visit the Connected Services section of our website.


HARMAN is the market leader in connected car solutions to the world’s automakers.

HARMAN’s innovative and highly integrated infotainment technologies offer automakers the most complete solutions for advanced navigation, intuitive user interfaces, integrated audio, device connectivity, cyber security, and connected safety, just to name a few. From Boston to Berlin to Bangalore, HARMAN is delivering a dynamic in-car experience for an increasingly connected world.