HARMAN is dedicated to ensuring automakers have a complete solution to addressing connectivity,whether its communications between each other (Vehicle-to-Vehicle, or V2V) or to the infrastructure (Vehicle to Infrastructure/V2I). HARMAN's suite of technologies are singularly focused on ensuring the driving experience remains safe and comfortable, thereby enabling drivers to concentrate fully on the driving task at hand. 

 Fundamental to the connected car is a communications hub, often referred to as Telematics Control Unit (TCU). HARMAN offers TCU modules and associated telematics solutions to the world automakers supporting a host of functions ranging from emergency calls (or eCall) at a simple touch of a button, to extended connectivity options such as real time traffic reports and service bookings. HARMAN's next generation telematics systems also have the ability to interface directly with HARMAN's cloud-based analytics and server platform, offering automakers a managed services platform to update a variety of infotainment and other vehicle system updates.