Legendary Sound

HARMAN has played a unique role in the history of music, with a special place at the very heart of historical events and pivotal moments. Innovation is the lifeblood of this success and HARMAN continues to develop its own solutions for each of its Lifestyle brands.​​

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Our Lifestyle Audio Solutions

Bluetooth Portable Speaker

How we experience entertainment continues to evolve as laptops, tablets and smartphones have revolutionized our lives, changed the way we spend our time, as well as where and how we listen to our music. Audio now needs to move seamlessly across platforms, shift from in-ear audio to portable speakers and let us share our favorites with those around us. And like all revolutions involving audio, HARMAN has led the way. ​Take the music with you. Explore JBL and Harman Kardon​.​​​

Voice-Activated Speakers

Voice is the way of the future. At HARMAN, we’re listening to consumer demands as we partner with the world’s greatest technology companies to deliver world-class, voice-enabled smart solutions for your home, car, office and on the go.

We work across all AI platforms and ecosystems, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana, to give users the best possible voice assistance. Keep the conversation going. Explore JBL and Harman Kardon.​​


With our world-renowned headphone line-up of True Wireless on-ear, over-ear and sports headphones, you can enjoy music no matter where you are or what you are doing. Noise cancellation, Bluetooth, voice assistant integration and the latest audio technologies such as TruNote create the best possible listening experience./div>

Explore HARMAN’s range of wireless, lightweight, sweat-proof sports headphones designed for the needs of athletes and those who seek the power of music during their workout.

Move with the music. Find the right headphone technology for you with Mark Levinson,AKG, Harman Kardon, and JBL.​​


From the studios to your room, from the stage to your game. Building on its legacy, HARMAN has brought epic audio experiences to everybody, everywhere. Now, we’re arming gamers with the ability to amplify their experience and hear it all. JBL Pro Sound - now engineered for gaming.

Our team of audio engineers have carefully crafted a sonic signature which elevates game play through immersive and accurate audio. The result is JBL’s most innovative range of headsets, engineered to deliver flawless sound quality and ​pinpoint accuracy to give a competitive advantage in every session.​

Home Multi-Room Systems

HARMAN takes the listening experience at home to a new level and lets you enjoy beautiful sound wirelessly, from room to room. The Harman Kardon lifestyle wireless speakers for home are truly HD audio systems. Play different music in different rooms or stream the same song throughout your house with “party mode.” Our app and Bluetooth capability let you access any music from your phone or your favorite apps seamlessly.​
Connect your home like never before with Harman Kardon.

Loudspeakers & Soundbars

HARMAN brands have been introducing important innovations in home entertainment for more than seven decades. With our home theater systems, we continue this legacy. Deepen the cinematic experience with the best home entertainment speakers. JBL and Harman Kardon soundbars are designed to perfectly match any TV. Experience room-filling sound with HARMAN’s home loudspeakers, including models designed for two-channel stereo and multichannel surround sound applications.

Dive into every scene with JBL and Harman Kardon.

Luxury Audio

HARMAN Luxury Audio products are perfectly tailored to the needs of true audiophiles who appreciate pure quality sound, the best materials and an impressive audio experience. As any true audio enthusiast will attest, the Mark Levinson name is synonymous with audio purity where perfection isn’t the goal but the starting point. With Revel, we continue to set the standard for acoustical accuracy. JBL Synthesis and ARCAM round out our perfectly tailored offerings for audiophiles.

Experience music the way it was meant to be heard with JBL Synthesis, ​ARCAMLexicon, Revel, and the iconic Mark Levinson.

Aftermarket Car Audio, Powersports And Marine

HARMAN know that people like to enjoy their music when on the move, whether riding the backroads in an Quad, pontoon boating on a lake, or even updating the sounds in a late model automobile. Harman offers all the right stuff to take your next mobile experience from mild to wild with loudspeakers, amplification, turn-key bass enhancement solutions, tower speakers systems and powered soundbars​.​ Check out JBL​ for audio solutions.​

Embedded Audio

HARMAN Embedded Audio elevates the audio and voice performance of every leading technology partner – from consumer electronics, to IoT, to enterprise, to robotics – creating true product differentiation and winning business solutions. With over 70 years of audio and voice engineering expertise, we offer full system and product design, testing, tuning and integration. Our voice input technology has Far-Field Voice applications, which presents software and co-branding opportunities with our legendary HARMAN brands. Ready to get started? Contact us at https://embedded.harman.com​.​​

Advanced Technologies

HARMAN has been a leader in the audio industry for more than seven decades. We remember the first spoken words in a movie that came from JBL loudspeakers. Since then, we’ve sold more than 70 million portable speakers to customers around the world.

Technology has always been key, but our design starts and ends with creating an unrivaled user experience that is unique and refined. Learn more about innovations and technologies at HARMAN.​​​​