We seek strategic partners with potential – those who value innovation and responsible conduct as much as we do.



​​​HARMAN strives to build good working relationships with companies that deliver the highest qua​​​​lit​y goods and services.​

​​More importantl​​y, we do business with partners who share our strong orientation towards ethical, en​vironmental and social​​ responsibility. 

To make sure that the entire HARMAN Supply Chain operates in a manner consistent with the company’s objectives, all suppliers are required to act in accordance with HARMAN’s Supplier Code of Conduct for better supply ​chain management. This Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all suppliers and their sub-suppliers of goods or services to HARMAN and its affiliates. This Code is considered an integral part of HARMAN’s business relationship with its suppliers and all suppliers are expected to meet the standards of conduct expressed in this Code. 

In addition, all HARMAN suppliers must sign our Compliance Certificate and are subject to audit by HARMAN to ensure compliance with these standards. Any failure to sign the HARMAN Compliance Certificate or to comply with this Code will constitute a breach of any contract or agreement between HARMAN and the supplier, may result in corrective action up to and including termination of contractor agreement.​