We are advancing the in-car experience for the way people live and play today

​HARMAN has a dynamic portfolio of innovative Automotive solutions. From hardware components to highly integrated Digital Cockpit Platforms, ADAS, Cybersecurity, AES, Telematics, OTA, Car Audio, Cloud Services and more, we are the automotive technology integration experts.​

Our Automotive Solutions


​Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) have the potential to remove human error while driving on the journey to zero-accident mobility. With the evolution of more powerful cockpit architectures, pre-integration of ADAS functionality in vehicles is now a reality.

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​The changing landscape and hyper-connectivity bet​ween the car and the cloud can create increased cybersecurity challenges. OEMs require solutions that will enable them to deliver new experiences while managing risks associated with system vulnerabilities, data breaches, and overall system threat.​​

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HARMAN Ignite offers a smart, seamless, and scalable approach for OEMs to create unique brand experiences, spanning the entire vehicle ownership lifecycle – from the pre-purchase information to post-purchase service and maintenance.​

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Digital Cockpit

The Digital Cockpit as an experiential hub, must serve more than just entertainment and control needs. It should improve safety, be fully connected, and represent the perfect companion for a digital life. The HARMAN Digital Cockpit combines all experiences on one single platform and creates maximum value for OEMs and consumers alike.​

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Car Audio

With more than 70 years of deep expertise in acoustic design, tuning and signal processing, HARMAN is leading the way in elevating the entire in-cabin listening experience. More than 50 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and connected car systems.​

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Over-the-Air (OTA)

​HARMAN OTA enables automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to adapt to an evolving market landscape by securely managing all in-vehicle software components, including firmware, applications, configurations, settings and maps on head units, TCUs and ECUs. Anywhere and at any time.​​

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Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)

V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) includes the peer-to-peer communications protocols that enable enhanced situational awareness between a vehicle and its surroundings to improve safety and manage congestion. As we enter the 5G era, the HARMAN Savari MobiWAVE wireless vehicular on-board unit supports both C-V2X and DSRC communication to eliminate traffic-related fatalities by deploying life-saving V2X applications.

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Mobility is more than getting from one place to another. It’s about shifting from one state of being to the next. While other aspects of our lives have become connected, the number of unconnected vehicles would be at its peak of 450 million by 2025. HARMAN smart/auto solutions make vehicles become connected instantly.​

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5G is here today and it facilitates a whole new dimension of connectivity. Industry demand is already increasing rapidly and consumer demand, stimulated by mobile industry mass marketing, will emerge by 2025 at the latest.​

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HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services

HARMAN offers Advanced Engineering Solutions to participants in the global automotive ecosystem that address some complex business challenges. We support OEMs and suppliers, whether they choose to lay foundations and build capabilities in-house or partner with third parties to offer more integrated solutions to their consumers.​

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Ready Together

Automotive entertainment and connection platform bringing out the best in your trips

​Ready Together simpl​​ifies complex in-cabin social challenges by allowing each passenger to stay connected and interact with each other, while simultaneously enjoying their personalized media experiences.​

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Software Enabled Branded Audio

Enhancing your in-cabin listening experience with the push of a button

​Combined with a Branded App to easily activate and control its many features, Software Enabled Branded Audio offers a turn-key, user friendly and affordable way to maximize in-cabin audio experiences.​

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Smart City Infrastructure

Making Life Safer and More Efficient

​​HARMAN's robust portfolio of Smart City infrastructure products can transform any city into a smart city, opening the door for a vast array of services and applications that mobility users and pedestrians can benefit from by making their daily lives and commutes safer and more efficient.​

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