James Ahn (Joong Hyun Ahn)

James (Joong Hyun) Ahn

President, Future Industry Research Division Samsung Global Research

James (Joong Hyun) Ahn currently has the role of building Samsung’s future strategy based on analyzing the trends and future direction of industry and technology. He has held this position since April 2022. Mr. Ahn also continually explores strategic opportunities in both existing and new business areas. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors of Harman. Mr. Ahn was the head of M&A at Samsung beginning in 2010, accomplishing over 50 deals while transforming Samsung’s business portfolio.

He led the acquisition of Biogen’s stake in Samsung Bioepis in January 2022, as well as the acquisitions of Harman International, Magna Battery System, and Novaled. He drove the streamlining of Samsung’s business portfolio with the divestitures of the printing business to HP, defense and general chemicals businesses to Hanwha Group, fine chemicals business to Lotte, and HDD business to Seagate.

Mr. Ahn is also responsible for strategic investments into Corning, Wacom and BYD. In 2020, he began supporting Samsung’s bio business, developing the business strategy. Mr. Ahn also worked in the Corporate Strategic Planning team of Samsung Electronics HQ and of the Memory division, as well as spending 2 years in Silicon Valley for a start-up company and 2 years in Boston for server system development.

Mr. Ahn has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Korea University and an MBA from KAIST. He joined Samsung Electronics in 1986 as a software engineer and worked in R&D for 10 years​.​

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