This is your opportunity to drive the future with us. When you work with the Automotive division, you’ll help us create and advance end-to-end solutions that will usher in a new era of driving. As you work with some of the most prestigious brands in the world with an industry leader, you’ll be able to drive your career forward too.


10,000 + Employees​​​​​
14 + Locations around ​
35 + Automotive brand partners

I’m really happy working in the Automotive division! Here, I get the chance to do challenging work every day in a collaborative and friendly environment. People recognize and appreciate each other, and there is a substantial amount of training to enhance your personal and professional skillsets. - Ashutosh
Our days are never dull here! Working with the Automotive division gives you the chance to work on cutting-edge technology in the auto industry. I know that I’m able to influence and improve the products that I use in my car every day – and make the driving experience better for everyone. - Brian
We work on some pretty cool technologies in the Automotive division! From the evolution of the infotainment system as a whole to our efforts in cybersecurity to the beginnings of autonomous vehicles, we’re always challenging ourselves to innovate the next great thing. It’s awesome to be a part of the future of how we drive and create things that impact so many people worldwide. - Leigh

Our Teams

HARMAN offers advanced engineering solutions to participants in the global automotive ecosystem that address complex business challenges. We support OEMs and suppliers, whether they choose to lay foundations and build capabilities in-house or partner with third parties to offer more integrated solutions to their customers.

With more than 70 years of deep expertise in acoustic design, tuning, and signal processing, HARMAN is leading the way in elevating the entire in-cabin experience. Our personalized and intelligent technologies amplify the sounds you want to hear – like music, podcasts, and phone calls – and minimize the ones you don’t, for maximum enjoyment, comfort, and productivity.

High-speed, low latency digital communications will serve as the backbone for future mobility. Together with Samsung, HARMAN is leading 5G commercialization by introducing a full lineup of automotive products and solutions. As 5G becomes a reality, HARMAN’s flexible, yet powerful, dual-mode V2X on-board unit, 5G Edge, TCU, and MEC solutions enable safe, personalized, and connected in-vehicle experiences.

HARMAN’s Intelligent Cockpit solutions help drivers embrace a fully connected and personalized in-vehicle experience. We offer a scalable hardware and software platform that provides customers with a seamless integration to their digital lifestyle, along with enhanced safety and mobility.

At HARMAN, product development happens with a tech company mindset and speed. We have created a lab-like environment that combines unified and standardized engineering processes, methods and tools with experimentation, innovation and incubating knowledge in new fields like AI, Machine Learning, Augmented and Mixed Reality and Electric / Electronic Architecture - to name a few. ​


At HARMAN, we are working towards creating the car of the future with ideas that come from every part of our organization. In this video, you can see all that we think vehicles of tomorrow will be able to do.


This division is making strides every day. Check out some of top news stories and see how our technology is advancing the driving experience.