Each year, more and more products are connecting to the internet, working from the cloud and linking to other wireless devices. Our Digital Transformation Services Strategic Business Unit is at the forefront of all the growth, innovation and change in this business segment. When you join this team, you’ll help us transform business and experiences with the power of the connected world.


10,000 + Employees​ ​
2 Billion ​​ Software enabled devices ​
400 + Customers across
Automotive, Telecom,
ISVs, Retail, Consumer
Electronics and IoT​ ​

HARMAN offers an exceptional work environment along with flexible work schedules. Being part of the Digital Transformation Services Strategic Business Unit gives me the chance to work on the latest technology and the space to grow professionally. Management here trusts you to make mindful decisions and empowers you to face customers with knowledge and great products. - Vaibha
I joined HARMAN in the Digital Transformation Services department because I knew of their reputation and I could see how my goals aligned with the company purpose. And I am so glad I did. The thing I appreciate the most is the flexibility the company has given me to balance work and life. This is exactly the environment where people can develop and make a difference! - Sharon
I believe that HARMAN is one of the best companies to work for and I absolutely love working with the Digital Transformation Services Strategic Business Unit. Not only is my team collaborative and supportive but the same is true of the entire company is as a whole. My division is very dynamic with versatile projects that helps you to explore different skills in every field. - Anjitha


​​What is Digital Transformation Services?

Through cloud, mobility and analytics solutions, we help companies respond to and thrive in a connected world. Our global team of engineers enables companies to create new digital business models, enter new markets, ​enhance customer experiences and become more responsive.

The name Digital Transformation Services could sound relatively abstract. But part of what we do for our clients is create clarity from confusion. From physical products to digital design and solutions, there is a lot that this division covers. Our solutions include:

  • Advanced Market Products
  • Analytics
  • Automotive Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • End Point management
  • IoT (Internet of Things) & IoT Security

Our industry is one that is constantly changing and evolving. This fast paced innovation is something that excites and inspires us. That is where our blog comes in. There, we discuss and provide industry insights on the latest and greatest innovations, insights and news of our industry. Our company is one where fresh thinking comes standard, so of course we always have something new to say. Visit our blog.


This Strategic Business Unit brings together the power of cloud computing and human interaction to make the world more smart, innovative and, most importantly, connected.


From new technology to awards and recognition, you can find the latest and greatest news from our Digital Transformation Services Strategic Business Unit here.