Providing Innovative Products, Technologies, and Solutions for Automotive Connectivity

HARMAN has a dynamic portfolio of innovative connected car solutions for automakers. From hardware components to highly-integrated Digital Cockpit Platforms, to ADAS, cybersecurity, telematics and more, we are the automotive technology integration experts.

Combined with the power of Samsung, HARMAN is the partner automakers need to engineer unique, smart, enhanced and rich in-vehicle experiences and the ecosystems to support them. HARMAN’s end-to-end solutions provide automakers with the advanced connectivity needed to usher in a new era of mobility. .

Automotive Cybersecurity
Automotive Cybersecurity

As cars become increasingly connected and more technologically advanced, they also become more susceptible to cybercrime.

Automakers can’t be expected to tackle these high data security demands alone, which is why HARMAN not only serves as a valued cybersecurity consultant, but also as a supplier of a vault-like security solution: HARMAN Shield. Built as a flexible, far-reaching and highly sophisticated suite of products and technologies, HARMAN Shield provides scalable end-to-end cybersecurity for connected cars today, and in the future.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, are technology solutions available today that serve as stepping stones for the self-driving future.

Rooted in safety, HARMAN’s ADAS technologies - from E-Mirrors to Forward-Facing Cameras and driver monitoring systems – bring together the company’s long-standing and forward-looking automotive expertise with Samsung’s extensive sensor, camera and consumer experience, all to help automakers implement a new generation of sensing and safety solutions. 

Advanced Displays
Advanced Displays

From the crisp read-outs and sharp colors of QLED Auto, to the confidence-inspiring and future-proof sophistication of Augmented Reality Displays, immersion takes on a new definition with HARMAN’s Advanced Display technology. 

HARMAN Ignite Cloud Platform

HARMAN Ignite, an automotive digital ecosystem, brings together the benefits of connected life into the vehicle. As the industry enters the next era of mobility – one that focuses less on mechanics and more on consumer-centric mobility experiences – HARMAN Ignite enables automakers to prepare for the future, which demands better connectivity, device management, application enablement, analytics and managed services capabilities.

Telematics Control Unit & 5G
Telematics Control Unit & 5G

The speed at which data is transferred is about to become even faster with 5G – the backbone of future mobility. HARMAN’s Telematics Control Units are designed to help automakers tap into this growing network and take advantage of the safety and user experience opportunities that can only be made possible by 2Gbps of high-speed, low latency connectivity. 

V2X Communication & Conformal Antenna

A new standard in vehicle communication is right on the horizon – vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology. By being network agnostic and flexible, HARMAN’s V2X solutions are future-proof and can help automakers take advantage of both DSRC and 5G, thus exposing more drivers to the benefits of V2X. 

However, while increased connectivity means improved safety, the modern, connected car may require as many as 18 antennas – that’s too much. HARMAN’s multi-band Conformal Antenna provides gain, directionality and the ability to accommodate beam forming, while delivering performance and the required isolation – in a single, water-proof module. 

digital cockpit
Digital Cockpit

Automakers and consumers alike demand sophistication and beauty, but scale can often get in the way of progress. HARMAN’s Digital Cockpit solution aims to eliminate this roadblock with a scalable platform solution that can show every critical piece of information – from how fast the car is going, to what’s on the radio – all in as little as one display. 

Available in entry-level and premium offerings, HARMAN’s Digital Cockpit serves as an end-to-end solution that offers automakers the ultimate framework for customized content. 

How the automotive experience is measured is shifting away from Miles per Gallon (MPG) and Revolutions per Minute (RPM) to Experiences per Mile (EPM). A car’s ability to integrate with a person’s end-to-end digital lifestyle, not its efficiency or horsepower, is quickly becoming the main differentiator for vehicles today. HARMAN Connected Car is here to not only help automakers enable more personalized mobility, but to also help consumers realize the benefits of connected cars through a smart, seamless, secure and scalable approach to automotive experiences