We think about sustainability as a way to help our company, customers and communities endure and thrive for years to come.







Responsible operations are smart operations. HARMAN's sustainability initiatives show commitment to environment stewardship everywhere we do business.

HARMAN’s manufacturing capabilities are essential to maintaining and improving product quality and performance. Delivering on our commitment to multi-faceted sustainability initiatives, our facilities – in North America, Europe, Asia and South America – have been designed to emphasize worker safety and compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations.

In all of our manufacturing operations, our sustainability strategy involves ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions, conserve and protect water supplies, curb energy usage and lower the amount of waste we generate.

HARMAN facilities are globally distributed to optimize performance and efficiency. We’re building excellence into our operations in accordance with rigorous international standards. And in all HARMAN operations, we strive for continual improvement in critical factors that impact the global environment.

For more information on our sustainable business practices, read the HARMAN Sustainability Reports.



HARMAN seeks to develop and deliver innovations that benefit society, consumers and customers in a lower-carbon world economy.

Whether on the road or around the home, the goals of reducing energy costs, protecting the environment and conserving precious natural resources are vital. At the same time, consumers want the best possible experience. HARMAN delivers on all fronts.

HARMAN GreenEdge is an eco-friendly technology initiative, designed to reduce power consumption, weight and heat generation in our speakers, amplifiers, infotainment systems and other electronic components without sacrificing performance. System components are packaged in advanced, lightweight housings that are built using materials such as carbon fiber to encourage environmental sustainability. The result is cooler, smaller, lighter, more efficient products.

Professional sound systems like those used in stadiums, theaters, cinemas and nightclubs have traditionally required tremendous power to deliver the sound quality audiences want. HARMAN GreenEdge audio solutions significantly reduce energy use, heat and overall ecological footprint, while offering a best-in-class acoustical experience.

We have also reduced the weight and size of professional touring equipment, making these products easier to transport from venue to venue. This results in fuel consumption and emissions reduction. For more information on HARMAN GreenEdge, visit our Sustainability Report


Our sustainability vision is simple and clear: to be a best-in-class employer and provider of technology solutions that are beneficial to the long-term well-being of the people and communities we serve.

Our sustainability vision is simple and clear: to be a best-in-class employer and provider of technology solutions that are beneficial to the long-term well-being of the people and communities we serve.

To realize the potential inherent in this vision, we must effectively manage today’s business challenges while setting ourselves, and our partners, up for future success. When HARMAN makes commitments, we intend to keep them. To be effective, we ensure that the targets we want to achieve with our sustainability initiatives can be measured and that we are fully transparent and accountable to all of our stakeholders.

Our mission is to create value for shareholders, customers, employees and communities. This requires that we incorporate environmental, social and economic considerations at every level of the organization. Instead of creating siloed functions or campaigns, we foster a culture of joint ownership across the HARMAN family. Sustainability simply becomes our way of doing business.

In this spirit, we brought people from across HARMAN together to form our first Sustainability Council. Appointed by HARMAN’s Executive Council, including our CEO, CFO and Group Presidents, Sustainability Council members represent key corporate functions across our three business units. Each member has a vested interest in improving the company’s sustainability strategy.

Sustainability Council member responsibilities include:

  • Setting short-term and long-term sustainability goals for the company
  • Leading execution of HARMAN sustainability initiatives to foster progress against those goals
  • Representing his/her respective business area in decision-making
  • Educating and inspiring employees to advance HARMAN’s sustainability goals
  • Driving data collection to measure progress within each business area for annual reporting purposes