Harman Becker Gépkocsirendszer Gyártó Kft., Harman Magyarország Finanszírozó Kft. and Harman Professional Kft. operates internal whistleblowing (notification) system. The subject of the notification, the persons entitled to make notifications, the method of notification, the investigation and the provisions related to data management were defined in policy. The text of the policy, if it concerns Becker Harman Becker Gépkocsirendszer Gyártó Kft. can be requested at panaszbecker@harman.com or at the phone number 06-30-013-7708, +36 30 082 9894 and 06-30-194-2952, if Harman Magyarország Finanszírozó Kft. at panaszfinco@harman.com or +36 30 082 9894, if Harman Professional Kft. at panaszlifestyle@harman.com or at phone number 06-30-194-2952 and +36 30 082 9894. Your request will be fulfilled within 3 working days.