JBL Synthesis Expands Award-winning SCL Loudspeaker Range With Four New Advanced Architectural Models

All Four Models Are Designed for High-Performance Immersive Audio Systems and Feature Patented JBL Technologies with Industry-leading Acoustic Performance

NORTHRIDGE, CALIFORNIA – Enabling dealers to serve a greater number of discerning homeowners with premium sound systems from JBL Synthesis, today at HARMAN ExPLORE, JBL introduced four new architectural loudspeakers to the JBL Synthesis family. The new JBL Synthesis SCL-5 and SCL-8 in-ceiling loudspeakers and JBL Synthesis SCL-6 and SCL-7 in-wall loudspeakers are designed to pair with JBL Synthesis electronics and allow dealers to offer a more attainable portfolio for multi-purpose rooms, media rooms and smaller-scale home theaters.

The range of Synthesis Custom Loudspeakers (SCL) continues to lead the industry with the most-advanced loudspeaker technologies available for residential applications. Following on the industry “Best-of” award won for the larger SCL-2, JBL Synthesis is pleased to share that the SCL-8 has been honored with a 2021 CES Innovations Award.

“Immersive audio is transforming how entertainment is created and reproduced and also how spaces are conceived, created and used,” said Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, HARMAN Luxury Audio. “As a brand that has pioneered audio engineering for music and movies over the past 75 years, it is fitting that we are expanding our range of Synthesis Custom Loudspeakers with industry-leading performance and technologies to accompany our Synthesis electronics for the next generation of multichannel sound.”

All four of the new SCL expansion models utilize patented JBL technologies including revolutionary annular ring diaphragm compression drivers, High-Definition Imaging horn geometries, advanced woofer designs, zero-bezel magnetically attached grilles, and a new patented “Cat Claw” mounting mechanism that saves time and makes installation far easier than traditional “dog leg” type designs.

SCL-5 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

The first dedicated SCL in-ceiling loudspeaker, the pioneering SCL-5 2-way loudspeaker system features the renowned JBL 2409H 1-inch compression driver tweeter and High-Definition Imaging (HDI™) horn assembly. The HDI horn is positioned at an angle on its baffle above the 7-inch black Advanced Aluminum Cone cast frame woofer with the woofer firing through an aperture that makes it virtually invisible acoustically to the compression driver and horn.This patented design delivers incredibly smooth off-axis response and is suitable for applications as far as 60-degrees off-axis – ideal for immersive audio systems. The revolutionary Cat Claw mounting system as well as gold-plated, spring-loaded binding post terminals enable quick and reliable installation. The system features magnetically-attached round and square grilles and will begin shipping in February 2021 at $2,000 each.

SCL-6 In-Wall Loudspeaker

The 2.5-way SCL-6 in-wall loudspeaker is a narrow footprint design with an on-axis horn suitable for LCR applications in small to medium systems or lower-level surround positions in larger systems. The SCL-6 features a patented 1-inch 2410H-2 compression driver tweeter, mated to a JBL patented High-Definition Imaging (HDI™) horn assembly and complemented with four 5.25-inch (130mm) black Advanced Aluminum Matrix cone, cast frame woofers. The patented Cat Claw mounting mechanism makes the speaker easy to install in combination with gold plated, spring-loaded binding posts.  Designed to provide ultimate performance and the highest levels of dynamics from any in-wall loudspeaker, the SCL-6 discreetly integrates into any environment and décor and features a paintable zero-bezel, magnetically attached grille. The SCL-6 ships in February 2021 and retails at $1,500 each.

SCL-7 In-Wall Loudspeaker

The 2-way SCL-7 in-wall loudspeaker system is designed for off-axis listening as LCR, width and surround channels. The SCL-7 features the legendary 1-inch 2410H-2 compression driver tweeter, and patented High-Definition Imaging (HDI™) horn assembly, complemented with dual 5.25-inch (130mm) black Advanced Aluminum Matrix cones. As with the SCL-6, the patented Cat Claw mounting mechanism and gold plated spring-loaded binding posts allow for fast and easy installation. The SCL-6 ships in February 2021 and retails at $1,000 each.

SCL-8 In Ceiling Loudspeaker

A 2021 CES Innovations Award Honoree, the versatile SCL-8, 2-way in-ceiling loudspeaker system is designed for off-axis listening in an immersive audio system. Essentially a smaller version of the SCL-5, the SCL-8 features the same transducers as used in the SCL-6 and SCL-7, including a 5.25-inch Advanced Aluminum Matrix cone cast-frame woofer, and 1-inch 2410H-2 compression driver tweeter mated to an HDI™ horn assembly. The SCL-8 comes with paintable zero-bezel, magnetically attached round and square grilles and will be available in February 2021 at the retail price of $1,000 each.

The addition of these four new models along with the flagship SCL-1 and SSW-1 models also announced today expands the JBL Synthesis portfolio to a total of eight SCL models and four SSW models and offers dealers and installers an exceptional toolkit of loudspeaker solutions unmatched in features and performance. The SCL-1 and SSW-1 are tailored to large-scale and high-channel count systems in combination with the SDP-75 immersive surround processor and SDA amplifiers. The SCL-5 is a great match with the SCL-2, SCL-3, and SCL-4 loudspeakers for height channel installations. The SCL-6, SCL-7, and SCL-8 perfectly complement the SDP-55 16 channel immersive surround sound processor and the award-winning SDR-35 class G Immersive surround sound AVR as well as the SDA amplifiers for use in small to medium-size systems.

Over the last 75 years, JBL has become an icon of audio innovation by way of its unique and storied history with artists, producers and audio engineers to create exceptional listening experiences for consumers around the world.  JBL's unwavering commitment to originality, quality and craftsmanship is mirrored in the artists' dedication to their craft and their singular determination to create timeless music and movies.The depth and scale of JBL's innovations in transducer technology and acoustic design is unmatched anywhere. With more patents, awards and iconic deployments, JBL continues to be a force of innovation wherever sound matters.