HARMAN Expands Relationship with Alexa Voice Service

As an Amazon Alexa Consulting and Professional Services (CPS) provider, HARMAN will support customers and partners to determine Voice-as-a-Business

​STAMFORD, CT – JUNE 17, 2020- HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, today announced the expansion of its relationship with Amazon to include the Alexa Voice Service (AVS).

Now an Alexa Consulting & Professional Services (CPS) provider, HARMAN will provide services on AVS integration to its customers and partners, leveraging its message and voice-first offerings strategy. HARMAN is a member of Amazon’s Voice Interoperability Initiative, engaging with Amazon on joint go-to-market strategies, product ideation, simultaneous implementation, as well as identifying market opportunities.

As a CPS provider, HARMAN will contribute towards driving innovation in voice/AVS segments resulting in reliable, consistent and superior Alexa experiences for clients. HARMAN helps businesses across industries to build conversational experiences into their products, devices or organizational processes. This includes providing hardware modules, software and services that help device makers easily integrate Alexa into connected products, helping to reduce development efforts and launch products to market faster. HARMAN also provides a slew of Professional Services to integrate conversational experiences into, including device customization, new feature additions and system integration.

“HARMAN is an ideal Alexa Voice Service Consulting & Professional Services provider because of their breadth of services and award winning work in digital and product design,” said Laura Szkrybalo, Head of the Amazon Alexa Solution Provider Program. “We look forward to seeing HARMAN apply their expertise towards developing innovative voice-forward solutions that support global device makers, brands and enterprises throughout their digital transformation journey.”

“As the boundaries between physical and digital worlds blur, the ability to have human-like conversations that offer seamless user-experience will be the game changer for the customer experience across industries,” said David Slump, President, HARMAN. “As a Consulting and Professional Service provider for AVS and a member of Amazon’s Voice Interoperability Initiative, we will continue to develop solutions to help businesses across industries become future-ready by delivering differentiated and intuitive experiences for their customers.”

HARMAN delivers high quality voice-activated audio and smart solutions for the Telecom, Hospitality, Healthcare, Industrial and Home-Centric industries, leveraging next-gen technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud and analytics to deliver seamless conversational experiences. In addition, HARMAN offers consulting, full system & product design, testing, tuning, integration, voice input technology for Far Field Voice applications, and software solutions that enable businesses to build, test and launch voice-enabled solutions to create conversational experiences at enhanced speed and security for business and home users.

For more information on HARMAN and Alexa Consulting & Professional Services Provider Partnership, CLICK HERE.