The world continues to change, and the cost of inaction is clear - As 'One HARMAN' we are committed to ensuring we all thrive responsibly and sustainably - Our actions today will echo into tomorrow.

— Michael Mauser, President and Chief Executive Officer at HARMAN International

Sound Purpose

Our Sound Purpose platform anchors our sustainability strategic pillars around infusing purpose into all areas of our business. Acting as OneHARMAN, and speaking with a united voice, elev​​​ating Sound Purpose builds our credibility as responsible corporate citizens to both internal and external stakeholders. ​

The Responsible Use of Energy, Emissions and Waste

​​​Responsible operations are smart operations. HARMAN's sustainability initiatives show commitment to environmental stewardship everywhere we do business.

HARMAN's manufacturing professionals focus on maintaining and improving product quality while committing to multi-faceted sustainability initiatives. 

In all our manufacturing operations, we make ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions, conserve and protect water supplies, curb energy usage and reduce waste. We strive to continually minimize our impact on the global environment and have committed to be Carbon Neutral by 2040 – aligned with The Climate Pledge​. Our nearer sustainability goals include:

40% emissions reduction by 2025​

100% renewable electricity in Manufacturing  by 2025​

​SBTi Validated Emissions target by 2025

​25% of top emissions producing suppliers commit to HARMAN renewable electricity expectations by EoY 2022

sustainability reports

For more information about our sustainable business practices, read the previous HARMAN sustainability reports:

Optimizing Product
Development and Packaging

HARMAN seeks to responsibly develop innovations that benefit society, consumers and customers with purpose.

Whether on the road or around the home, the goals of reducing energy costs, protecting the environment and conserving precious natural resources are vital. At the same time, consumers want the best possible experience from the products they purchase. HARMAN delivers on all fronts.

We innovate our product development and packaging practices to reduce power consumption, weight and heat generation without sacrificing performance or quality.

Infinity Lab

Supporting and Protecting
our Most Valuable Assets

Our vision is simple and clear: to be a best-in-class employer delivering innovative products and experiences for our customers. Our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion creates a stronger and more collaborative cultural environment. We relate to each other better and pull from our different backgrounds through diversifying our talent pipeline, allyship, and inclusion throughout our employee community.

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Inspiring change through
Service and Giving

Through our global cause initiative, HARMAN Inspired, we support partners who focus on Music education; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

​We also activate our global employee community to engage in their local communities to initiate change and give back. ​​​

HARMAN Inspired
Inspiring change through Service and Giving