HARMAN Unveils the HARMAN Ignite Marketplace - Delivering Scalable Automotive Applications and Services

HARMAN’s cloud-based application ecosystem enables a comprehensive network of global services – providing a truly customized connected driving experience

CES 2020 – LAS VEGAS, Nev. – January 6, 2020 – HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, today launched the HARMAN Ignite Marketplace, an extensive network of cloud-based applications and services available on the HARMAN Ignite Cloud Platform.

User experience in the vehicle is often limited by embedded infotainment systems that do not offer significant choice or personalization opportunities for the driver or passenger. The HARMAN Ignite Marketplace optimizes the driving experience by enabling access to a comprehensive ecosystem of cloud-based applications and services, thereby providing a connected vehicle experience that feels tailor-made to individual needs and preferences. Today, the HARMAN Ignite Marketplace includes media content, point-of-interest solutions, messaging applications and a voice assistant designed for the vehicle, all of which are all available on the HARMAN Ignite Cloud Platform. 

“Creating a superior experience in the vehicle comes down to enabling choice - giving drivers the freedom to bring leading cloud-based content safely to the car” said David Slump, President of HARMAN Connected Services. “The new HARMAN Ignite Marketplace allows OEMs to deliver this freedom in a way that is both scalable and flexible for the future  so consumers can enjoy the best vehicle experience  whatever that means to them.”

HARMAN Ignite Marketplace creates smart, personalized experiences for automotive customers by focusing on three categories:

  • Media Content: A variety of premier media and content providers ensure drivers and passengers can enjoy access to their favorite music, podcasts, news and more.
  • Crowdsourced Point of Interest (POI) content: Integration with business directory services and crowd-source review platforms makes it easy to discover restaurants, shopping and local services – while leading travel and booking platforms let drivers and passengers find travel spots, hotels and more right from their vehicles.
  • Messaging: Integration with leading communication solutions help drivers stay in touch while on-the-road in a way that is safe, but also accessible and intuitive to use while driving.

In addition, the HARMAN Ignite Marketplace integrates with leading navigation and voice solutions, including region specific providers, allowing OEMs to deliver hands-free services through virtual assistants  enabling safe, always-on access to third-party content globally.

HARMAN will continue to expand the HARMAN Ignite Marketplace through the integration of new solutions from Salesforce, which will deliver customer relationship management (CRM) functionality across marketing, sales, commerce and service. For example, a sales rep can voice query Salesforce to get briefed on nearby accounts, vehicles can create their own service tickets to suggest appointments and voice enabled commerce will allow anyone to order products directly from the app, like re-ordering their favorite dinner on the way home from work.

The HARMAN Ignite platform also offers built-in Over-the-Air (OTA) functionality which helps manage potential risks like network problems, file tampering and cyber security attacks. As a result, automakers are equipped with a secure and efficient way to deliver and frequently update a robust service ecosystem while still mitigating risk - so drivers have the utmost confidence in their digital security and safety.

HARMAN Ignite Marketplace will also be featured at HARMAN’s CES 2020 exhibit as part of the company’s HARMAN ExP solutions demonstration. To learn more about the HARMAN Ignite Marketplace, and discover how HARMAN ExP delivers experiences per mile, visit the HARMAN Showcase at CES or visit car.harman.com.​